1 Oranges Box 23-25 Kg

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Citrus - Orange with blond pulp

Maturity period:

October - March

The Naveline oranges belong to the Navel group, called oranges with the navel because it has a twin fruit inside the peel, a second orange that grows like a twin, but in a smaller space, located at the opposite pole with respect to the petiole.

The peel, which appears to have a species of conca, is reminiscent of the navel (which in English is called navel) and is orange-yellow in color and the pulp has a coarse, moderately juicy and completely seedless texture.

A main variety of Sicily, it is very widespread and appreciated for its low acidity which enhances the sweetness of the juice, typically yellow.

Origin Italy-Sicily-Agrigento-Villafranca Sicula - Cal. 7-8

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