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As a side dish or appetizer, EGGPLANT CAPONATA is a delicacy that must never be missing in your pantry. Don't feel like cooking but still want to fill yourself with taste? A caponata di malanzane with a little bread will satisfy you in full.

Very good. Prepared with the best aubergines grown and selected in the territory of Villafranca Sicula, enriched with celery, onions, tomatoes, carrots and green olives.

Sicilian caponata has a history that makes the desire to try it 'rise' even more.

The caponata, widespread throughout the Mediterranean Sea, is generally used today as a side dish or appetizer, but since the 18th century it was a single dish, accompanied by bread.

The etymology refers to the Spanish caponada, an item of similar meaning. A real popular etymology should be considered that which traces "caponata" to "capone", the name with which in some areas of Sicily the lkampuga is called, a fish with a fine but rather dry meat that was served in the tables of the aristocracy seasoned with the sweet and sour sauce typical of caponata. The people, unable to afford the expensive fish, replaced it with cheap aubergines. And this is the recipe that has come down to us. Some say that the name of the dish derives from "caupone", taverns of sailors.

Caponata is included in the list of traditional Sicilian agri-food products recognized by the Ministry of agricultural and food policies.

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