What Oil to choose ? BIO or EVO ?

What Oil to choose ? BIO or EVO ?

Why does the attention in the use of very high quality oil grow more and more?

Why is the consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Oil highly recommended?

What is the difference between Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Oil?

The answers to these questions, although articulated in their explanation, are very clear and we will try to bring to you full knowledge in the following lines.

Let's start by answering the first two questions.

The use of the highest quality Oil, be it Extra Virgin Olive Oil better if Organic, is strongly recommended to bring excellent benefits to our body keeping it in shape, inside and out.

We will try to explain the reasons in the medical and scientific details in the following lines.


Consuming Extra Virgin Olive Oil (even more organic) is good for your health.

From some scientific studies it has emerged that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or EVO Oil) thanks to the monounsaturated fatty acids contained in it is able to reduce bad cholesterol and increase the good one.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil helps prevent cardiovascular disorders, and is low in saturated fats responsible for increasing levels of cholesterol in the blood that cause problems such as arterial blockage, arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction.

Instead, it is rich in oleic acid, monounsaturated fat that regulates cholesterol levels. It reduces the level of LDL cholesterol defined as "bad" for our body compared to the level of HDL cholesterol defined as "good"


It is not at all true instead that the oil makes you fat: indeed, 3 tablespoons of oil are the minimum quantity that we should all take daily to bring benefits to our body.


Both types of oil, extra virgin olive oil and organic, have organoleptic characteristics that benefit our body.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a friend of the heart, a friend of youth. He is the main actor of the Mediterranean Diet, he knows no competitors.


The Organic Oil also produced in the Sicilian olive groves in the Belice Valley and in the Sicani Mountains, such as in the localities of Villafranca Sicula, Lucca Sicula, Burgio, Caltabellotta, S. Anna, Calamonaci, Ribera, S. Carlo, Chiusa Sclafani and neighboring territories, brings additional benefits compared to a non-organic oil.

- The benefits for our body of Organic Oil: Anti-inflammatory and Anti-tumor -

In fact, Organic Oil also has anti-inflammatory, emollient properties with marked antitomorphic properties due to the great wealth of antioxidants it contains.

- Organic oil against skin aging -

Organic oil also reduces the aging of our skin: it is able to counteract free radicals, responsible for cellular aging processes.

- An oil is born or becomes biologic ? -

It all starts with olive groves and organic olives.

It is important to know that, in order for a land to be assigned organic certification by MIPAAF - Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, through the Control Bodies recognized by it, the same land is subjected to withdrawals and examinations for a period of time of two years.

Only if all the indexes of the results of the analyzes to which the ground has been subjected for the whole period of the two years fall within the minimum and maximum thresholds defined by the Organic, then the land will be Certified Organic.

Therefore, certainly our olive groves already lend themselves by nature to organic farming as it is a territory devoid of industrial factories, free of pollution or smog which often could instead be subject to the lands that are located in the vicinity of large metropolises and that require a higher care to obtain organic certification.

Like the mass of large heavy goods vehicles, it is much smaller than the large ring roads that are found at the entrances to the big cities.

This, we really need to say, makes us a "fertile ground" by nature of lending itself to the organic.

The land is subjected by law to the analyzes established by the Control Bodies to certify the absence of pesticides, any chemical additives and exempt from everything that can alter the soil in order to guarantee its organic certification.

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