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A tasty salty pesto with an unmistakably Mediterranean taste,

prepared with 100% of the best products of local production of the territory of Villafranca Sicula (AG).

A refined and tasty product, which lends itself to giving an extra touch to traditional Mediterranean dishes.

Wild fennel pesto is ideal for seasoning pasta with the flavor and aroma of Sicily,

excellent also the combination with the Busiate.


Oil 44%, wild fennel 34%, onion, capers, dried tomatoes, sultanas, PARSLEY, pine nuts, garlic, a pinch of salt and pepper.

Nutritional values:

Average values ​​for 100 gr of product

Energy 1893.31 kj / 451.72 k cal

Fat 45.10 g

    - of which saturated 5.10 g

Carbohydrates 9.44 g

  - which sugars 6.57 g

Fiber 2.73 g

Protein 2.03 g

Salts (sodium chloride) 1.72 g

Gluten free product

Duration of the product

24 months from production

Delivery time Italy: 5/6 WORKING DAYS

Delivery time Europe: 8/9 WORK DAYS

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