Environment respect

We are very careful about respect for the environment. For this reason we make sure that the olive groves that concern the EVO Oil and the Organic Oil ensure special care for the environment.

We would like to describe and give you useful information for the correct disposal of the canned container once the consumption of the Oil contained in it has been installed. As well as used oil can also be recycled.

The can, whatever its format, together with the cap, belongs to the category of products to be recycled in "Plastic and Aluminum".

The exhausted oil instead, together with the can, can be delivered in the ecological islands of your Municipality of residence or, where this service is provided, in some cities there are commercial activities located in the various areas where you can deliver the exhausted oil contained in the inside of the cans.

In the case of the city of Milan, please refer to this link to view all the commercial activities that make this service available.

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