Tastari is quality and garanty to our customers

We at Tastàri have a very specific task, both in guaranteeing the best quality of our products.

Our first objective is to guarantee to our customers that for the Organic will be respected BIO supply chain until the arrival of the Organic Oil at your home.

And for the Olive Estra of Oliva, to choose those farmers who take the following care beyond the normal standards defined by law, such as:

- We make sure that the olives that are pressed to produce our extra virgin olive oil are harvested from the tree at the right stage of ripeness;

- That olives that are already on the ground at the foot of the tree are excluded from our crops, by an average already reached an advanced degree compared to the "right" degree of ripeness to obtain the best extra virgin olive oil Tastàri.

- That the picked olives transport from the land to the industry in such conditions that the fruit does not suffer traumas of involuntary pressing, ruining the natural maturation of the olives;

- That our Extra Virgin olives are cold pressed strictly within 24 hours of harvest;

- That our organic olives have strictly cold pressed within 8 hours of harvest;

We are very satisfied with the work we do every day because in a short time we have managed to gain the trust of a large number of customers and, let's be honest, we at Tastàri are not expecting to "climb the stairs" so quickly.

We have never nominated our oil to entitle ourselves to the awards, nor are we in the supermarkets. We are in those little-known niche trade shows around the world with our small mobile shop set up for the occasion. There are in those niche fairs where not many people participate, but few people who enrich their everyday life with high quality products because we want to take care of our customers without making "Tastàri" an industrial brand.

There has always been a particular harmony with our customers: somehow they choose us, we choose them. We become attached to each other by creating a big family.

It is not a coincidence that our historical customers, the first years of our activity, began to trust us by buying a small amount of oil to put us, rightly, to the test. From the second year onwards they have continued to increase their quantity of purchases

And we have also taken care to advise you on the purchase period of our Extra Virgin and Organic Oil: always to put the quality and care of our customers first, we simply sell Oil from the milling in progress. With us we never acquire an oil whose milling took place in previous years. Precisely this our attention has allowed us to retain our customers: to date we have not had a dissatisfied customer and this aspect will be taken care of by us constantly so that we will become a security for the quality guaranteed by our Oil and our products.

These have always been our choices. A choice that our opinion protects our brand from aggression from the markets that have come from the sole objective of making the company actors of a great economic system without worrying about the customer that puts trust in our brand.

The only title we want to attribute is that of our customers: your satisfaction and your trust in our "Tastàri" philosophy is the biggest prize we want to continue to receive every year. Thank you for your satisfaction. It is the right medicine to grow together in our "Tastàri" project.

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